Prices for online transcription and translation services 

We are committed to maximum transparency and honest pricing with our transcription clients. This is why we publish our prices and have no hidden fees.

By giving detailed insight into our process, clients can keep track of progress on their orders, via their accounts.

Our goal is to have a simple, easy to use transcription service that delights our clients.

We offer two types of payment options:

Purchase x amount of hours starting at 5. Pricing is regressive depending on the volume of hours.

Enter into a 12-month contract for an unlimited amount of hours, adapted completely to your needs.

Please get in touch to find out more about our proofreading and translation services.

We have also created a payment scale ruler and have a link to Worldpay to accept all CC, DC and AmEx payments.

Examples of one-time subscriptions:

5 hours at £50 an hour - £250
15 hours at £45 an hour - £670
30 hours at £38 an hour - £1,140
50 hours at £35an hour - £1,750
100 hours at £30 an hour - £3,000

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