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Video conferencing services London

Physical rooms

Vnet-IT’s video conferencing service in London provides meeting rooms with high quality visual and audio communication, allowing you to participate in meetings as effectively as actually being there in person. You simply turn up and the technology will be set up ready for you to begin, with technicians available on site for support.

Our video conferencing suites are available 24/7 from £60 per hour and have seating for up to 10 people plus bridging services for 25 extra participants.

Your video conferencing service can include catering, with hot and cold platters available.

Vnet-IT is considered one of the leading purveyors in London for this unique service.

Virtual rooms

Whether you’re joining a meeting from the road, from another city or from the other side of the world, you can enjoy a conferencing experience that makes you feel like everyone’s right in the room with you.

Every business has specific and often very unique requirements. Here at Vnet-IT, we adapt the technology to create the right solution for you, whatever your needs.

For example: A Le Mans race team owner wanted to provide some of its sponsors access to the pit lane engineers from the comfort of their offices during this famous sports car race. It was because of our ‘can do’ approach and the rare ability of thinking outside the box that we could achieve a unique solution.

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